Retail Development on Simferopolskoe highway

General information

This new Shopping and Entertainment Centre is a new and important commercial and leisure project strategically located at the entrance to Podolsk Town, one of the most heavily populated towns in Moscow Region.

The site (40 ha) possesses excellent visibility from Simferopolskoe highway (M-2) that generates more than 80,000 cars daily, and has an easy access for private transport.

The Centre combines the world of fashion and beauty, leisure, gastronomy and services. All thoroughly zoned on one floor with kids’ goods and entertainment on the second level. Over 430,000 potential consumers living in the Project’s catchment zone will be attracted by the strong fashion and entertainment offer. Anchored by an international pool of tenants, a 85,000 sq m retail development will definitely become a destination point not only for Podolsk citizens but also for its satellite towns and surroundings.

110,000 m2 GBA
85,000 m2 GLA
2017 year opening in fourth
4,000 parking lots
  • 3D-renders
  • Object on map
Architect – 5+ Design
Opening soon
118 days
2 840 hours
170 433 minutes
10 226 023 seconds
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