Essence Development discussed the perspectives of development of hobby-centres in shopping malls

Traditional CRE First meeting took place in Jan-Jaque cafe on January, 20. More than 30 representatives of development, consulting and construction companies - subscribers to CRE magazine, discussed hot topics in newly published CRE issue. The experts discussed lease relations specific to business centres, perspectives of development of hobby-centres in shopping malls and general situation on the market in the Russian regions.

While discussing hobby-centres, Nina Yakobashvili, Lease and Concept Director at Essence Development, pointed to the limited stock of this type of retailers currently present on the market and expressed her doubt that this kind of retail will be booming in the upcoming 2-years perspective due to the limited segment of its target audience. She also noted that in these challenging times more and more developers will be looking for unique and new retail formats to attract customers to the malls, and in this respect hobby-centres and various master-classes, ballet-dance schools will come to rescue. Since people get keen on this type of activities to distress, and nowadays this can be called as hobby.
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