Essence Development
provides comprehensive set
of services for investors
Comprehensive set of services for investors

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Our Approach

Essence Development provides its clients with a comprehensive set of services at all project realization stages. The company’s strategy is to develop and manage high-quality Real Estate.

We operate on a fee-based principle acting as a Fee-developer. This scheme allows differentiating between investor and developer’s roles.

Fee-development is frequently practiced in US and European countries where investor assigns a professional team of experts to manage the whole project for agreed management fee. In this case, Fee-developer does not invest into the project. This model is becoming more and more popular across developing markets and BRIC countries, where Real Estate market is becoming more mature.

Our services include
but not limited to:

  • Best-use analysis and finance modelling
  • Control and coordination of construction works
  • Contracting with suppliers and sub-contractors on specific works
  • Leasing and Marketing
  • Tenant coordination and control of fit-out works
  • Preparation to building operations, further property and facilities management
  • Investment sale

The Team

Our team embraces young professionals with an extensive experience in the field of project management and construction, leasing and marketing as well as further Asset management.

The team members has successfully executed various Real Estate projects from land acquisition to investment sale of performing Assets both in Moscow and in the regions.

  • Gender
  • Experience
  • Age
  • Languages
104 employees
60 men
44 women
840 years total
430 years
260 years
Leasing & marketing
150 years
30 average
age in the
41-50 y.o.
5 people
34-40 y.o.
27 people
27-33 y.o.
48 people
18-26 y.o.
24 people
5 languages we speak
65 people
13 people
10 people
4 people
2 people
We’re currently developing four large Retail schemes in Moscow and Moscow region totaling more than 1 mln sq m GBA.
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